My parents (semi)retired in Nampa. We took a winter trip to visit them, the Oregon Trail, Boise, and snow. Lots of locations that I'd love to use for a couple film ideas in the future. We tried to capture as much as we could but with me working & wanting to hang out with my parents, it was a bit limited. Perhaps shooting in summer? We'll see.

Delicate Horfrost
Rolling HIlls in the Wooden Fence
Nampa Idaho
Epic snowballs: Throwing Snowballs in Idaho
My Mom at the Oregon Trail south of Boise Mom in Idaho
Tech on the Oregon Trail
Snow paw prints on the trail Tracks in Snow at Oregon Trail
The trail itself. The land experienced such heavy use on the route that the tracks are still visible today. Winter Oregon Trail in Idaho
A dam just past Lucky Peak Dam at Lucky Peak Idaho
The dam wheel, which seems like it still works. Dam Control Wheel

I had this idea a few weeks ago. Going through old photos, I found one that was taken in the kitchen when soap bubbles were floating around. The trails left by the bubbles were very interesting... so I decided to try this on a large scale. I purchased "Gazillion bubbles" from Amazon and it fit the job perfectly.

Brendan and I set up shop in an empty parking garage and, with the help of garage lights and a hand-held blue LED, we created some really great stuff.

Bubble - Time Tunnel

Bubble Rings

Magnetic Field Creature Trap

Particle Creature OR Rorschach Test

Reminiscent of a desert:Bubble Sandscape - The Desert inside the bubble

Bubble Landscape

Some portraits by Brendan, wherein I pulled the bubbles between myself & the lens: Bubble Portrait

Bubble Portrait 2

The setup:
Setup of Bubble Long Exposures

The process:
Bubble Popping Setup

And finally, a photo by Brendan of the sunset treeline outside reflected in a bubble: Reflection of Sunset in Bubble

Opted out of New Years Eve celebrations to take part in Lake Chabot Brazen New Years half marathon. 5th in women and placed 2nd in age group despite the very... very painful hills. Great test of mental strength, can't wait for the next one. I know if I keep this up I can surpass my self-imposed limitations. 1:52:32 with massive hills, compared to last hilly half at 2:15 last year. Major improvement!!! Super proud of myself.