I had this idea a few weeks ago. Going through old photos, I found one that was taken in the kitchen when soap bubbles were floating around. The trails left by the bubbles were very interesting... so I decided to try this on a large scale. I purchased "Gazillion bubbles" from Amazon and it fit the job perfectly.

Brendan and I set up shop in an empty parking garage and, with the help of garage lights and a hand-held blue LED, we created some really great stuff.

Bubble - Time Tunnel

Bubble Rings

Magnetic Field Creature Trap

Particle Creature OR Rorschach Test

Reminiscent of a desert:Bubble Sandscape - The Desert inside the bubble

Bubble Landscape

Some portraits by Brendan, wherein I pulled the bubbles between myself & the lens: Bubble Portrait

Bubble Portrait 2

The setup:
Setup of Bubble Long Exposures

The process:
Bubble Popping Setup

And finally, a photo by Brendan of the sunset treeline outside reflected in a bubble: Reflection of Sunset in Bubble

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