My parents (semi)retired in Nampa. We took a winter trip to visit them, the Oregon Trail, Boise, and snow. Lots of locations that I'd love to use for a couple film ideas in the future. We tried to capture as much as we could but with me working & wanting to hang out with my parents, it was a bit limited. Perhaps shooting in summer? We'll see.

Delicate Horfrost
Rolling HIlls in the Wooden Fence
Nampa Idaho
Epic snowballs: Throwing Snowballs in Idaho
My Mom at the Oregon Trail south of Boise Mom in Idaho
Tech on the Oregon Trail
Snow paw prints on the trail Tracks in Snow at Oregon Trail
The trail itself. The land experienced such heavy use on the route that the tracks are still visible today. Winter Oregon Trail in Idaho
A dam just past Lucky Peak Dam at Lucky Peak Idaho
The dam wheel, which seems like it still works. Dam Control Wheel

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