Brendan and I provided photography for a business' grand opening in San Francisco yesterday. While out there, I noticed this sun sphere artwork on a couple corners of the street.

Inspired by the swirling tiles, I used a photo to create a digital pattern out of the sphere: Sun Sphere San Francisco - Orange & Red Pattern

My to-do list is uniquely long. It includes a short film we hope to complete by the end of this year, some music I'm working on (with great hesitation - why do audio cables decided to work with my Macbook on a given day, then cease to work the next? New cable didn't fix the issue).

I can't give up on music despite the hard restart and technical issues. The complexity of crafting a song has become disappointingly overwhelming, so much so that I have a hard time figuring out where to start. I think I need to curate sounds into a song, rather than feel overwhelmed by the options.

When will I be ready? 40? 50? Never again? Did I burn out on creative music-writing before I turned 30?
All of these things plague me daily.

Inspired by the way my PEVA shower curtain diffuses light, I came up with a photo project idea for panels of diffused light in various shapes, and what patterns I could make with those. I purchased some frosted clear vinyl from Joann Fabric, then, on a small scale, I cut & hung some quick shapes and set up various lights around and behind a quick cardboard enclosure. The first test of this idea worked for the most part (verifying how the layers created different opacities) and now I can move on to a larger scale version. I'm not a total fan of how the vinyl looks when viewed macro, but I'm thinking it will be better when built on a human-size scale.

I also had the idea of a sustainable version of this project - using rice paper. Probably not going to get that far with this, considering I wasn't blown away by these initial quick test results:


Smoke & Mirror Shards


Ripple Landscape

Projected Aurora

Shard City

That is an idea I want to explore. How silliness, truthfulness, and humility conceive and coerce the shattering of spectacle, as DeBord describes it.

If during a live-stream video of a couture fashion shoot a homeless man walks by and farts, he has successfully broken the spectacle via comedy: silliness, truthfulness, and humility.

My goals in the years to come are now to inspect the theories of comedy and apply them to DeBord's theory of The Society of Spectacle.

Should my life be devoted to academic study?

Writing in Stone