Inspired by the way my PEVA shower curtain diffuses light, I came up with a photo project idea for panels of diffused light in various shapes, and what patterns I could make with those. I purchased some frosted clear vinyl from Joann Fabric, then, on a small scale, I cut & hung some quick shapes and set up various lights around and behind a quick cardboard enclosure. The first test of this idea worked for the most part (verifying how the layers created different opacities) and now I can move on to a larger scale version. I'm not a total fan of how the vinyl looks when viewed macro, but I'm thinking it will be better when built on a human-size scale.

I also had the idea of a sustainable version of this project - using rice paper. Probably not going to get that far with this, considering I wasn't blown away by these initial quick test results:


Smoke & Mirror Shards


Ripple Landscape

Projected Aurora

Shard City

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