We finally took a morning and absconded to the mountain. It's the highest peak next to Shasta, and overlooks all of the bay, from the Golden Gate to Silicon Valley, the Central Valley to the Delta. Mt Tamalpais was languescent in confluence with the haze, and the Pacific winds reminded me of a morning after snow, though the day was glowing under a fiery umbrage of cirrus and sun.
Here are some photos:

Beacon Window at the top of Mount Diablo

Burned Bushes on Mount Diablo

Me overlooking the Livermore Valley in the distance

Mount Diablo Beacon

Above the tower, a light beacon. Inside, history and lighthouse windows. Through the Window at the top of the Tower

Making a wish - Coins at the top of Mount Diablo

A teen waited for his picture to be taken, so I took it. Lonely Mountain

Tower atop Mount Diablo, SF Bay Area

An abundance of poppies and dandelions. It's all high desert up there. Dandelions on Mount Diablo

Facing more desert: View towards the Central Valley from Mt Diablo

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