This blog is really taking shape, becoming exactly I'd hoped it be. A reflection of my story.

I've always been a bit obsessed with my own story. I suppose it comes with being a more internalized person, nonetheless it has unfortunately made it difficult to find color in others' minutae. Selfish, yes, but not by choice; it's a sort of inherent thing. I'm actively pulling myself out of ...myself, little by little. I enjoy talking with all people by challenging myself to remove the built-up environmental bias - minimal in some areas, rough in others. It's a fun balance. Effectively living is, too.

Still, I prefer to express myself remotely:
Tumbled Boulder in a Field (from Clayton & Lime Ridge this weekend)

Summer Hills Rolling In

Aureate California Path

Empty Nests

Bright Sunny Day (Perfect For Leaving the Sprawl)

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