The Academy of Sciences was the wisest choice for re-igniting internal wonder and creative inspiration. Not only through the observation of the life we disconnected around us when we focus on our phones or close our blinds, but also vicariously through the works of the scientists and creatives. They blended academic worlds; a mix of intricate ecosystem knowledge and precedent-setting engineering, to create a balanced rainforest that filters light from the living roof down to the aquarium at the bottom floor.

If you have a chance, go & re-up your awe.

In these photos, I tried focusing on specific components, but with all the wonder to enjoy, it was hard to keep the camera in my hands...

Especially if there's a butterfly on one:
Butterfly & the tourist photo bar code that I should have photoshopped out

Francis Scott Key Monument peering through the trees in Golden Gate

Morning light in Golden Gate

Living Painting at the Academy of Sciences

Futureproof roof at the Academy of Sciences

Small Postman Butterfly

Blue Morpho Butterfly

Rooftop Garden at Academy of Sciences

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