I often wake up with some sort of creative idea that I think is magical and brilliant. I'll I attempt to execute it, fail, then sweep up the pieces of creativity for next time. But not this morning! I think we're onto some neat practical effect here.

I did 13-20 sec exposures at 100 ISO and F13-22. At the half way point in the exposure, I shone a light on a sheath of plastic wrap in front of the subject for 2 seconds, then behind the subject for another 2-3 seconds. I also fired the light on the subject to illuminate certain parts. Subjects included a stuffed bear, a guitar, and a snow globe, with the latter producing the best results.

Portal Through the Snow Globe

Portal Through the Snow Globe 2

Electric Orb

Electric Orb 2

I definitely will be trying this on a larger scale sometime this week. I'll use a human subject.

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