The beach next to our place (this particular photo is by Brendan, duh) On the beach near the condo - Maalaea - Photo by Brendna Cleak

Sunlit Sea

Shadows in Love

Maalaea Fisherman in the Morning

Spongy soft Bermuda Grass & Kihei

Hiking Lahaina Pali Trail Man in Blue on the Mountain - Photo by Brendan Cleak

Went off the trail Overlooking Divers above Honoapi'ilani Highway

Rock Hopping the Lahaina Pali Trail

Hiking the Honoapi'ilani Highway

Volcanic Rock Breakwater

Ocean meets `A`a Lava Rocks -

Molokini and the Ahihi Kinau Volcanic Area

Focus to focus

Molokini from Ahini Kinau Molokini from Ahini Kinau Volcanic Rocks

From Lahaina's Mala Harbor Looking out from Mala Piere

Mala Wharf in Ruins

Looking out to Burgeoning Lanai Clouds

Photographer on the Volcanic Beach

Sea Star Decor

White Driftwood in Sea of Black Rock

Rock Hopping Ahini Kinau

Volcano remnants

Waves Crashing on Volcanic Rocks

Makena State Park Makena State Park Cinder Cone

Cloudy Hawaii Cloudy Hawaiian Day

Cauliflower Coral Cauliflower Coral fragment in the Lava Rock

Honoapiilani Highway Honoapiilani Highway from Lahaina Pali Trail

View from inside the condo Bedroom View from Maalaea

Anchored to Dive

Ahini Kinau Volcanic Area with Molokini in the background Ahihi Kinau's Rocky Coast

Areas closed for preservation at Ahini Kinau, where the most recent lava flows met the sea. Ahini Kinau Protected Area - Inside are Anchialine Pools

Brendan Brendan Focusing

Hook Line Failure

Molokini Lonely Molokini

Black Rust and the Sea

Here's to not giving up the graves

Tiny Off-limits Graveyard Lahaina

Platitudinal Hawaii Waterfall

British Irish Man Portrait

Maui Ocean Center Aquarium
Garden Eel waiting for Drifting Plankton at Maui Ocean Center

Little Fish - Maui Ocean Center

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