I have this giant roll of vinyl I purchased for a separate art/photo project requiring me to painstakingly cut hundreds of thin strips of it. I haven't made a dent (hey, the last thing I want to do at the end of the day is use scissors repetitively, but sometimes I'm feeling ambitious) so I wanted to utilize the vinyl in long exposures to see what kind of effects it would make.

At 5am we set up a tripod and my boyfriend & I took turns waving a 4x5 sheet of vinyl in front of and behind us. I set up one of my portable lights to reflect off of the material. 30s exposure, at half-way we introduced the vinyl with rapid movements.

Not a great photo (or pose), but a great attempt at a cool effect. We'll be retrying it this Saturday.
Vinyl Smoke Test

While my SO and his friend were seeing the Entourage movie, I decided to wander around a local garden.

After clearing my head, I noticed I was seeing flowers and plants similarly to how I saw human faces. Each one reporting to its genetics with subtle or pandering features that inscribed a personality. The garden began to feel like a crowded room of stationary people, each slumbering in the wind, available to study and appreciate.

I'm a much more attentive and thoughtful photographer artist person than only a few years ago. Even just a few months. I wish I had been this aware of my growth as a youth, but I suppose that nullifies the effects of being young.

Garden - Baby Green Apple

Garden- Hairy Grass

Gardens - Old Wooden Pegboard

Garden - Unknown Tall Succulent?

Garden - Flower & Barrel

Garden - Discarded Feather

Garden - Patient Escape Velocity

Garden - Dancing Hand

Garden - Rubbing Elbows

Garden - Unknown Cactus

Garden - Two Bees in a Pod

Garden - Sprouting

Garden - Leafy Crowd

Garden - Embrace

Garden - Shadow Music

Garden - Repurposed

Garden - Planting Season

Garden - Pink Muhly Grass

Garden - Path 8

Garden - New Growth Tarp Sparkling in the Sun

Garden - Holding it all together

Garden - Empty Placard

Garden - Earth breathes deep and disturbs the steps

Garden - Aureate Rose Stroll

Garden - Empty Summoning Circle