Spent last weekend in Tahoe with family, collected some imagery:

Symmetry Portrait of the Horsetail Falls hills: Symmetry Portrait - Horsetail Falls - Twin Bridges

Puffy clouds, puffy birds, and puffy white water caps at South Lake Tahoe Poofy white clouds, gulls, and whitecaps

Fallen Leaf Lake - Lake Tahoe Fallen Leaf Lake Tahoe

Hazy Twin Bridges - Horsetail Falls_001

Fallen Leaf Lake Tahoe Swimmers

Fallen Leaf Lake

Swimming in the cold water. As Floridians, it had to be done. Contemplating Cold Waters

Swimming in a Crisp Tahoe Stream - Horsetail Falls

Kissing in a Crisp Tahoe Stream - Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls Tahoe

Clean Tahoe Stream Water

Julie & Tom on the Rocks in Twin Bridges - Tahoe

Horsetail Falls



Old Wooden Stool

South Lake Tahoe - empty windy beach Empty South Tahoe Beach Kayaks on a Windy Day

Juli & Tom at Tahoe

Walking stick Walking Stick

Alone in South Tahoe


Empty South Tahoe Beach

Red Cabin Door


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