Visited the Snake River plain with my Mama, who is a naturalist working with the local Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge. While out there, the refuge was shut down on one of my Mom's scheduled shifts due to the complications surrounding the Malheur occupation. Experiencing the land, seeing the farmers, and the conservation myself... it wasn't hard to empathize with their idealistic dreams of open land. Free roaming, no fences. But that's just not how America and capitalism works. We need to preserve, and we need to make, and we will always teeter in the balance between the two.
Volcanic Graveyard - Snake River Idaho

Islands in the Snake River, Idaho

Paiute Petroglyph Snake River Paiute Petroglyphs

Photographing the Snake River - BW

Snake River Bridge, Idaho - BW

My mom's silver hair. Embracing Silver near Silver City - Mom's Lovely Hair

Bullet holes from World War II target practice Bullet Holes in the Bridge - World War II Practice

Snake River Dock

Ancient surfaces Volcanic Surfaces - Snake River Idah

Southern Idaho Mountain Waters

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