30 min south of my parents place in Idaho is Celebration park. I've posted about this place before and couldn't resist heading back for a sunrise shoot.
The valley was under water 14000 years ago via the Bonneville flood, a natural dam breakage that saturated the Idaho plain. Underneath the water, compacted sacks of basalt waited, tossed miles from millions of years of volcanos contorting the landscape. The valley was once suffused over the Yellowstone caldera, yet plate-tectonics floated us safely away from the spot. The volcano's rocks remain as substrates for human proliferation, both in safety and as artistic modicum. The old rail bridge turned WWII target-practice object feels like an anachronism against the geological paragon.
Created a Symmetry Portrait for my series while there. I felt this one, and it seems to feel me, too. Dead volcanic vents eroded by the flood thrust from the surficial face.

Portrait of an Ancient Volcanic Canyon

5am Dawn Umbrage

5:30 portrait Brendan Idaho Portrait 3

Brendan Idaho Portrait 5

Kids camping climbed the ridge, looking like miniatures Miniature Climbers

Reticent Dawn

Oxygen & Photons, Cottonwood & Midges Cottonwood Hovers

Anxiolytic Despite Intensity

A Sysiphus Didactic

Post Summer Solstice Sun

Brendan Portrait after the sun rose