Brendan and I took a trip up Mt. Gower last weekend during the late May cloud cover. This gave us some stunningly dynamic lighting! Unfortunately we didn't catch any imagery of larger wildlife (including the massive vultures we saw) but instead I nabbed some new landscapes for my symmetry portrait series. I'm beyond excited to keep this lifelong project alive. Catch those at the end of this post, and on my Ongoing Project page! Thanks for viewing <3

Agave Perpetual Motion
Agave Perpetual Motion

Lone Agave Stalk
Lone Agave Stalk

Home is Where the Hole Is
Home is where the Hole is

Salvia (White Sage)
White Sage (Salvia Apiana)

Agave Fruit
Agave Americana Fruit

Agave Fruit part 2
Agave Americana Fruit 2

Team Effort

Prehistoric View
View up Mt Gower Trail

Spring Wind

Dry Lichen Crust
Lichen Crust

Portrait of a Rocky Ridge (Silent)_small

Portrait of a Desert Ridge (Turtleshell)_small

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