We parted with a lot of our things, we parted with our beautiful apartment and view, we parted with full-time, well-paying jobs, we parted with everything that others might have considered "successful" - not because we weren't satisfied, but because we were becoming complacent, financially and emotionally frustrated, and frustrated at the constraints our lives had built around us that caged our ambitious moxie. We realized we needed to go beyond "stirring things up" by emptying our cups to make room for new experiences and opportunities. We LOVED our past lives, and are grateful for them, but as artists we thrive off of change and so we had to self-destruct a little.  Each time we have dismantled part of our lives in the past, we have grown back with more compassion and vigor.

In August and September, we spent some time in Tuolumne, Walnut Creek, Boise, and some other places I'll post about next. Photos below are from Long Barn, Lyons Dam, Pinecrest Lake, Fresno. Much, much more to come.

Lake Bed

Natural Artifacts

Pinecrest Lake Boater

Pinecrest Lake Swimmer

Pinecrest Lake Shoreline

Self Portrait

Lyons Dam Reservoir

Lyons Dam Catwalk

Lyons Dam

Lyons Dam


Long Barn Lodge

Reservoir Layers

Shy Siloh

on off, 0's and 1's


Symmetry Edit