Our latest adventure took us up to Point Reyes - a home of the snowy plover. While I did ultimately find a grove of plovers (and cried upon doing so), I achingly forgot to bring my zoom lens. Gratefully, that moment with the plovers was just for me. Here are other images from that day, which also don't feature the otters, cranes, and sandpiper close-ups I wish I had captured. Sometimes, it's ok to miss out. The 85mm did what it could, softening the landscape and sands and bringing a sense of vastness and distance. Facing North in Point Reyes at Abbotts Lagoon

Ferns along the lagoon

Boardwalk in Abbotts Lagoon

Bridge over Abbotts Lagoon

Abbotts Lagoon

Bleached Driftwood at Abbotts Lagoon

Pelicans in Flight

Blue Heron and California River Otters

Sand and a little sea

Brendan at Point Reyes

A Man Watches the Point Reyes Seashore

Driftwood in the sand

Sandpipers with the Shoreline in the background

Coastal Dunes

Waves Crash at Point Reyes

Remnants of a Tiny Creature

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