My work primarily focuses on using long exposures, movement, the natural world, and colors to create dreamlike, fantastical figures, objects, and landscapes. I use mostly practical effects, bolstered by minor digital manipulations, to encourage the viewer to see stories and legends hiding within spaces and moments. The first two features below are clickable titles, and the third at the bottom contains the full set of images in this page.

Bubble Figures & Landscapes
At the bottom floor of a deep parking garage, the air is completely still, and a single light tents the corner. In this environment and with this little light, the large soap bubbles refract a wild and unpredictable rainbow of shapes that linger in the stagnant air. This stillness allows me to capture unique forms and shapes. At the link is a collection of .3 - 1 second long exposures that capture the landscapes and figures that these bubbles create. I am planning an additional shoot of this type in the next 2 months, so please keep an eye out for more of these!

Bubble Sandscape - The Desert inside the bubble

Light Paralysis 
This series takes the traditions of light painting and applies them to the human body's natural movements. I adhered strings of LED lights of various colors to my arms, legs, and torso. I then danced and practiced yoga as I shot brief long-exposures. The result is the creation of animals and ethereal figures that exist only in the extended moments of our movements.

Light Paralysis - Fermin

Original Attempt / Second Attempt (primary successful shoot is at link in title above)

Symmetry Portraits
Digital Manifestations of Mother Nature's Face

I decided to mirror an unusual (and somewhat unusable) photo of a hill from an afternoon at the old graveyard in Black Diamond Mines.  I was shocked by the face the mirroring produced, wondering if others could "see" it, too. Researching the phenomenon, I learned about pareidolia: the ability of the human brain to see faces in things that aren't faces. You can see similarities to our predisposition of facial recognition in Google's DeepDream project. My project holds similarities to DeepDream in that I'm using a digital interface, compounded by memory, to manifest faces that do not exist. But don't they exist... if we can see them? I also see these faces as manifestations of what our mother Earth, in a godlike way, would look like. Some are more pareidolia-inducing than others, and others remind me of the bodies of insects and animals.

I consider this series an ongoing, lifelong project with which I'll use to publish a book in 5-10 years.

Portrait of a Mountain

Portrait of a Cave

Symmetry Edit

Portrait of a Rocky Ridge (Silent)_small

Portrait of a River Canyon

Portrait of Morro Rock

Portrait of a fallen Cinder Cone

Symmetry Portrait - Horsetail Falls - Twin Bridges

Portrait of a Desert Ridge (Turtleshell)_small

Portrait of the Crest of Diamond Head

Symmetry Portrait - Lanai Spire

Portrait of a Seacliff


Portrait of Sunsetting San Cayetano

Symmetry Portrait - Sunrise on the hill at Cesar Chavez Park Berkeley

Edge Tree

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