I had an idea to integrate this song I wrote with the fruitlessness of ruin. I write music from my heart, as catharsis, without an end goal. This song in particular was written last year, and combines so many themes from my experiences that titling it was nearly impossible, though I finally came to an internal consensus. I never compose to sell, I only compose to feel. I've had less-than-great experiences sharing my music in the past, because it's written for me, but others have asked me to share my music, so I figure... if I'm still writing after 17 years, there's really no reason not to share.
Thanks to Brendan & Stelaki for their help with this video. We experimented with some mic options (because, really, buttloads of equipment is not fun), but ultimately did not use the lav mic attached to me. It looks neat, though.

Sea Levels / Life Rafts Demo from CARYN SANDOVAL on Vimeo.

Thriving in sunset in San Diego.
There's one photo at the bottom from Idaho. Most of them came out blurry due to their conception on the road to and from the mountains, and most do not exist. The photo chosen is representative of what I learned from my time at my second (former first) home this year; the photo contains a scene that is robustly lush, suburban, honest, green in places despite the fall, and aging but well kept.

A Place to Ignite the Boundaries

At Any Moment, We're God

At Any Moment, We're Beasts

Bedroom Negatives

There Are Many Ways To Go Home

Morning in America

In Some Hallways

Clustering Matter

Ace Tattoo

Hello Walk

The Almost Time

Idaho is for the Birds