Hiking - temporarily removing self from society

To get an outsiders look.
View from top of Lafayette Ridge in Briones Regional Park. Mt Diablo on the far left, Lafayette city below. Quickly stitched in Photoshop via iphone.

When Shadows Go to the Beach

I filled the people with shadows

Dancing at the Hotel Window

I blended some images that Brendan took of me during a sleepy hotel afternoon in LA.

Master of none

I'm always on an edge, both figuratively and via anxiety. I feel as though I'm always almost ready, but not quite there. Like when you are creating something, how do you know when it's complete? Is it always incomplete? When it truly represents what you intended? Or when it represents the process the idea swam through, emerging as a different beast?

I just don't know, and I don't feel like I'm ready to know. Quite the feedback loop.

The bloody writing on the wall

Some images from this growing collection.

Head Cold - 1 min short film

Brendan & I created this short on the fly one afternoon at the end of February to practice short form resolution, basic character arc, and 6D tech. It's not superb, but we're thinking of circulating it somehow, on a small scale. Perhaps Vimeo groups, small festivals...

It's just a tic over a minute long. I hope it's received well! We plan on figuring out ways to reduce cyan & brightness of sky scenes to make our shots more aesthetic and interesting.

Thanks for watching.

Head Cold from CARYN SANDOVAL on Vimeo.

I'm flying

Me Flying

Photo by Brendan Cleak