Owned by a Chinese family for many years, China Camp was (and in many ways, still is) a small fishing spot in the North Bay supported by tasty, tasty shrimp. Not crowded at all, I ran an 8 mile loop around the park from sea to hill crest - a hefty climb rewarded by the Golden Gate posturing in the haze.
There's a trail race in 2 weeks at the same spot. It's a go!

Soft Bay

Seafood and Beach

Abalone Shells


Into the future

Grandson day out

Old Fishing Pier

Fisherman's View



Chinese proverbs

Early Shrimp Machine

Rainbow Pane

& 2 from my weeklong work related Massachusetts trip:

Office Park : New England Fall

This awesome kale (?) plant: Ornamental Kale

After about 6 months of healing from multiple injuries (ITBS in the right leg, tibialis posterior tendonitis in left), I was able to race again yesterday!

Brazen's Tarantula Run in Brentwood crests 1200 feet, with ~2500 total feet in climb, overlooking rolling grassy hills, the Los Vaqueros reservoir, the delta, and Mt. Diablo. It was stunning.

Morning didn't start out so great. I managed to sever my Osprey hydration pack's water line by slamming it in my car door 10 minutes before the race. Apologies to all nearby for my... somewhat loud reaction of "Are you effing KIDDING ME?"

I pushed it much harder than I had planned in the race, perhaps due to the earlier frustrations. The adrenaline and pace kicked in after the grueling initial climb, and I found myself air-drumming in happiness. LOVE the freedom despite being on a course!

My injuries did not perturb me. Ankle stayed put with my wrap, and my IT band only mildly ached after the run. Pool running and yoga are the way to recovery.

Final time: 1:56:12, pace 8:43 mi/min.  Proud of that pace - hills and all! And most importantly: Zero injuries and little pain.