I often wake up with some sort of creative idea that I think is magical and brilliant. I'll I attempt to execute it, fail, then sweep up the pieces of creativity for next time. But not this morning! I think we're onto some neat practical effect here.

I did 13-20 sec exposures at 100 ISO and F13-22. At the half way point in the exposure, I shone a light on a sheath of plastic wrap in front of the subject for 2 seconds, then behind the subject for another 2-3 seconds. I also fired the light on the subject to illuminate certain parts. Subjects included a stuffed bear, a guitar, and a snow globe, with the latter producing the best results.

Portal Through the Snow Globe

Portal Through the Snow Globe 2

Electric Orb

Electric Orb 2

I definitely will be trying this on a larger scale sometime this week. I'll use a human subject.

The beach next to our place (this particular photo is by Brendan, duh) On the beach near the condo - Maalaea - Photo by Brendna Cleak

Sunlit Sea

Shadows in Love

Maalaea Fisherman in the Morning

Spongy soft Bermuda Grass & Kihei

Hiking Lahaina Pali Trail Man in Blue on the Mountain - Photo by Brendan Cleak

Went off the trail Overlooking Divers above Honoapi'ilani Highway

Rock Hopping the Lahaina Pali Trail

Hiking the Honoapi'ilani Highway

Volcanic Rock Breakwater

Ocean meets `A`a Lava Rocks -

Molokini and the Ahihi Kinau Volcanic Area

Focus to focus

Molokini from Ahini Kinau Molokini from Ahini Kinau Volcanic Rocks

From Lahaina's Mala Harbor Looking out from Mala Piere

Mala Wharf in Ruins

Looking out to Burgeoning Lanai Clouds

Photographer on the Volcanic Beach

Sea Star Decor

White Driftwood in Sea of Black Rock

Rock Hopping Ahini Kinau

Volcano remnants

Waves Crashing on Volcanic Rocks

Makena State Park Makena State Park Cinder Cone

Cloudy Hawaii Cloudy Hawaiian Day

Cauliflower Coral Cauliflower Coral fragment in the Lava Rock

Honoapiilani Highway Honoapiilani Highway from Lahaina Pali Trail

View from inside the condo Bedroom View from Maalaea

Anchored to Dive

Ahini Kinau Volcanic Area with Molokini in the background Ahihi Kinau's Rocky Coast

Areas closed for preservation at Ahini Kinau, where the most recent lava flows met the sea. Ahini Kinau Protected Area - Inside are Anchialine Pools

Brendan Brendan Focusing

Hook Line Failure

Molokini Lonely Molokini

Black Rust and the Sea

Here's to not giving up the graves

Tiny Off-limits Graveyard Lahaina

Platitudinal Hawaii Waterfall

British Irish Man Portrait

Maui Ocean Center Aquarium
Garden Eel waiting for Drifting Plankton at Maui Ocean Center

Little Fish - Maui Ocean Center

I went to Maui to take a break from computers, California winds, worn-out running routes, showering, red wine, concrete, Mexican food, skyscrapers, negative thoughts, and underwear.

I came back feeling like both a wiser woman and a wonder-wander-eyed millennial. The former because I succeeded in squeezing out a modicum of life understanding. The latter because I only went to Maui using PTO for 5 days. As simple as it is, being surrounded by 40 mile an hour speed limits, nonreactive and comforting locals, homestyle food and big families - both natives and visitors - slow beach walks and warm winds can allow the brain to "deflate" - at least, that's how it felt for me. I felt like I exhaled for the first time in a couple years.

I came back feeling slow. I came back to Oakland traffic, immediately cut off by a man who swerved across two lanes and almost into my car. He was on his phone.

I would typically allow Step 1 Brain to get upset. But I realized that his poor driving - and all of the business of the Bay - has nothing to do with me. The pace will continue to be a carcinogen to the beauty of simplicity, but that doesn't have to include me. I can flow within the lanes of this time and place, keeping the vicissitudes of achieving goals and enjoying being human within the lines.

Here's a pic or two from the experience, more to come.

Some reading:This article [Religion for the Nonreligious] on Wait But Why. It served as a mellifluous conclusion to my recent growth, delineating the purpose & place of my own 'Truthism.' It also brings the bombastic parts of our animal brains into clarity, allowing one to recognize their voice and effectively quiet them.

Also read this book: A Renegade History of the United States by Thaddeus Russell. If you don't feel American, it will clarify why you are; if you feel like a renegade to the American way, you'll see you fit right in.

This blog is really taking shape, becoming exactly I'd hoped it be. A reflection of my story.

I've always been a bit obsessed with my own story. I suppose it comes with being a more internalized person, nonetheless it has unfortunately made it difficult to find color in others' minutae. Selfish, yes, but not by choice; it's a sort of inherent thing. I'm actively pulling myself out of ...myself, little by little. I enjoy talking with all people by challenging myself to remove the built-up environmental bias - minimal in some areas, rough in others. It's a fun balance. Effectively living is, too.

Still, I prefer to express myself remotely:
Tumbled Boulder in a Field (from Clayton & Lime Ridge this weekend)

Summer Hills Rolling In

Aureate California Path

Empty Nests

Bright Sunny Day (Perfect For Leaving the Sprawl)